Kiosk'ice the first automatic ice cubes factory designed and manufactured in France

The ice cubes are made with filtered water and delivered in biodegradable plastic bags or in your own ice chest. Machine totally designed and manufactured in France, the dispensing system is disinfected by UV light, without any bacteria risks.

An Ice factory that provides crystal ice cubes.

Secure sales 24/7

An Innovative and patented distributor with design and manufacture in France.


Short distribution channel that allows a very low level of CO2 emissions. 

An investment with exceptional profitability. 

Our Kiosk'ice cash and makes the currency, accepts prepaid and bank cards.

Kiosk'ice is an intelligent dispenser that allows to respond to the consumption peaks managing the storage automatically. 

 Designed for all types of weather, Kiosk'ice is a factory that guarantees a reliability rate for optimal availability.

Kiosk'ice proposes attractive rates that are offset from 3 machines.

Quotation on request. 

Kiosk'ice by its design and low dimensions will easily find a place in your establishment.


Dimensions : 

  • Height  1909 mm

  • Width 1029 mm

  • Depht   1088 mm

To equip yourself with the ice factory, Kiosk'Ice offers two solutions: purchase or long-term rental. 

Our Kiosk'ice distributor offers several equipment options: coin changer, ticket acceptor, prepaid card with terminal for bank cards, LCD screen for communication through video, advertising or others. 

The current methods for making ice cubes involve huge factories and road distribution logistics that leaves negative consequences for the planet. 

Kiosk'ice stands out for its participation in sustainable development and environmental protection.


Contact us

MK ICE 04 avenue du Mont Thabor, 20090 Ajaccio, France


President Madame Michèle Rossi


Contact information:


Phone number: 06 21 44 07 86

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Our story

MK ICE is a company offering the first automatic ice cubes vending machine in Europe. Created in 2017 after it won the SETT d'Or trophy, this distribution system did not exist anywhere else. Then, the designer Michèle Rossi decided to create the first vending machine for the production and sale of ice cubes. With the idea of not only to create a distributor she made it eco-citizen, Kiosk'Ice was designed to make and distribute ice cubes. With the intention of having a green and eco-friendly machine the automatic dispenser supplies biodegradable bags and only manufactures ice cubes if it is distributed.

Currently, the ice cubes vending machine is installed in several locations in France, however, the company will quickly turn to international in the light of the demands of the automatic ice cubes dispenser made in France, pledge quality.

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